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Good record
Chi Fu was founded in 1993. After more than ten years of accumulation, Chi Fu has become a group enterprise. The registered capital of the company is twenty-three million yuan and its annual sales amount is more than six hundred million yuan. Chi Fu Group has now become a professional cable manufacturer that can carry out insulation materials, copper conductors, radiation processing, special cables, PVC cables, XLPE cables, fluorine plastic cables, silicone rubber cables, automotive professional cables, insulation sleeves and other products. In 2009, he was selected as a national high and new technology enterprise.

Perfect management system
Under the tenet of "quality first, delivery guarantee, active service, customer first, step by step, zero defect management", we should boldly innovate and actively explore, constantly learn the first management method and accumulate experience.

Rich products
According to the working temperature, the products of the company are divided into: PVC& XLPVC insulated wires, XLPE insulated wires, silicon insulated wires, Teflon wires and so on. According to the function points, the products can also be divided into automobile wires, high temperature lines for microwave oven, lead wires for automobile fuel tanks, motor winding wires, military wires, C, -60, C., and so on. Composite structure oil resistant and wear-resistant line, special motor lead wire, building cable, etc. according to the classification of wire structure, it can also be divided into single core electronic wire, multi-core and parallel cable, multi-core cable, coaxial cable, glass braided wire and mica wrapped braided line. According to the authentication system, it can also be divided into: UL electronic wire, VDE wire, CSA wire, national marking line and so on.

Excellent staff
The company has always provided equal opportunities and training for every employee in the spirit of people-oriented.

Perfect experimental institutions and first-class technicians.
Qi Fu Group has a comprehensive experimental organization - wire and Cable Research Institute. We have studied all the first-class test equipment and high-quality researchers in the country. It owns a large number of products and technology independent intellectual property rights. The company also introduced the largest electron accelerator in the world from the Nuclear Physics Institute of the Russian National Atomic Energy Commission, which is used for the company's experiments and radiation processing. The company has professional technical personnel, including graduate students, returned overseas students, undergraduates, junior college students, and a large number of highly skilled production personnel. The continuous pursuit and innovation of technology ensure the production of high quality products.

Sound sales network
The company's sales network is centered around the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. We directly serve the more than 30 large and medium-sized cities throughout the country, as well as a large number of professional distributors providing professional support and services to our customers nationwide. The company has close partners in Hongkong, Thailand and the United States to provide product services to our global customers. Products cover Europe, the Americas, Australia, Asia and other regions.

Perfect service
The company's sales and service network is worldwide to ensure its professionalism and customer satisfaction after service. The company is committed to training professional customer service personnel to provide customers with perfect products and multi-faceted professional services. ERP global service system enables the marketing service system to check the order process anytime and anywhere to ensure smooth and delivery of goods.

Solid quality assurance system
Chi Fu Swiss company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2001. In 2009, we passed TS16949 (upgraded to IATF 16949:2016 version in 2018) and QC080000 quality system. The product has won the compulsory certification of China CCC compulsory certification, including the American insurance Laboratory Accreditation (UL), the Canadian Standards Association accreditation (CSA), the German Electrotechnical Commission Accreditation (VDE), and the certification standards of more than 10 countries or organizations of the Japan Institute of electrical safety and environment (JET).

Flexible marketing methods
The company has independent import and export rights, and has independent customs declaration and transfer procedures. FORM A export proof is available. Hongkong can also be placed on the mainland. At the same time, the company also has the general taxpayer qualification, may issue 17% VAT invoice, the renminbi mainland payment.

Vision of the company
To become a world-renowned supplier of electronic components, to provide customers with satisfactory electronic solutions.

Telephone: 0755-33897988 address: B, No. 5 Zhenxing Road, carp River Industrial Zone, Gongming Street building village, Guangming New District, yb体育.

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