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200320101795 - irradiated XLPE wire.pdf
200720000478 - irradiation crosslinked PVC heat shrinkable insulating sleeve.pdf
200720143689 - mica wrapped insulation glass fiber braided sheathed high temperature special wire.pdf
A method of making 470001 high temperature resistant cable with halogen-free rubber bushing
20082000006-a new type of radiation crosslinked PVC insulated wear-resistant electronic wire.pdf
2008200000210 - new composite structure high temperature environmental protection wire.pdf
200820000211 - copper clad steel conductor wire and cable.pdf
200820000212 - environment friendly polyolefin insulation radiation crosslinking high temperature resistant composite wire and cable.pdf
200820126185 - a kind of wire.pdf
200820133113-a kind of wire packing barrel.pdf
20092001592 - refrigeration compressor lead.pdf
201220525389 touch screen high voltage wire.pdf
201220525401 a composite wire.pdf
2015222061220pdf electric vehicle battery
20140820 a cross-linked fluororubber wire.pdf
20150121 a kind of anti adhesion crosslinked polyolefin wire.pdf
Multi layer cable anti drag.20160330
20160330 used for connecting cable, manipulator and robot inside robot.pdf
20160330 temperature resistant composite cable.pdf
20160330 voltage resistant composite cable.pdf
20161123 a mold for wire and cable conductor.pdf
20161130 a detection device for cable bagging.pdf
20161130 an integrated die for expansion cooling of heat shrinkable casing.pdf
20160427 wire strip device.pdf
20170908 inner core and cable mould of cable mould.pdf
20180629 an automatic liquid discharge device for vacuum negative pressure equipment.pdf
20190108 a high temperature and high voltage cable.pdf
20190108 a kind of high temperature and radiation resistant wire.pdf

20190215 a low smoke, halogen-free and high temperature resistant cable.pdf

Tel: 0755-33897988 address: Building B, No.5, Zhenxing Road, liyuhe Industrial Zone, Loucun, Gongming street, Guangming New District, yb体育

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