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1、 Foreign trade commissioner
1. Responsible for B2C platform product release, marketing and order management;
2. Maintain and optimize the listing page, analyze market intelligence and competitor status, make promotion plan, and conduct sales analysis;
3. Responsible for the after-sales service of B2C platform, maintain the store's high praise rate and good credit rating;
4. Timely follow up the order information, deal with customer complaints, and deal with the customer's return and replacement properly;
5. Plan online promotion plan, shop promotion activities, advertising and implementation, to achieve sales goals;
6. Obey team coordination management and improve team performance;
7. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2 DCC Clerk
a. Establish and improve the company's quality management system, improve the ISO9001 / TS16949 / QC080000 management system,
Responsible for internal audit and management review, and report to the top management regularly.
b. Quality planning, improve product quality, correct and prevent the occurrence of defects;
c. Member of MRB Committee as the executor of product quality arbitration;
d. Confirm the quality of contract and supplier with the company;
e. Quality representative of the company, dealing with internal and external affairs;
f. Appraisal of the implementation effect of the company's quality assurance system;
g. Supervision of quality audit and control of quality cost;
h. Work arrangement, supervision, evaluation and training of subordinate functional personnel.

3 Merchandising Clerk
1. Education background: Senior high school or above.
two . Have a certain computer foundation, can master the commonly used office software. ERP experience is preferred.
three More than 2 years related working experience, Have strong ability to predict and analyze; Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication skills, strong team spirit. Have certain professional knowledge, understand product characteristics, sources and ingredients, style, quality, in order to facilitate communication and coordination with suppliers; be proficient in operating computer and office software.

4 salesman
one Senior high school or above;
two Under the age of 32, no sales management experience is required;
three Professional image, strong learning ability, correct attitude, strong interest in the sales industry, interested in the development of the industry, the pursuit of personal development and high salary, good psychological quality and service awareness;
four Self motivated and enterprising, with strong team spirit.
Location: Chongqing, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Changsha, Kunshan

Interested parties please call thirteen billion seven hundred and fourteen million twelve thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven Miss Wang
yb体育 qifurui yb体育 Co., Ltd
We provide you with:
Challenging job opportunities, equality, trust and harmonious corporate culture;
Competitive salary, promotion and salary increase according to personal performance evaluation;
The combination of internal and external training, broad development space and platform.
At the same time, we hope you have:
Professional knowledge and skills;
Steady mentality of developing with the company;
The enterprising spirit of pursuing success constantly;
The spirit of continuous innovation;
Strong sense of responsibility and professional work attitude;
Team spirit.
Join us:
If you have no work experience, we can provide professional skills training;
If you have rich working experience, we look forward to your joining and sharing;
We pay attention to team cooperation and sharing; good working atmosphere requires us to create and manage together;
Even if you are not the best at work, you are also worthy of our favor if you have outstanding talents or are good at sports.
We are looking forward to your joining our excellent team to develop wonderful career and achieve wonderful life in the company.
Company benefits:
one Salary and welfare: it has a competitive salary system in the whole industry;
two Salary adjustment policy: the company arranges annual salary adjustment for regular employees every year;
three Social insurance: the company has purchased "five insurances and one fund" according to yb体育 standard;
four Paid leave: regular employees are entitled to paid leave and national holidays (statutory holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, etc.), and employees who have worked for one year are entitled to the company's regulations five Days of paid annual leave;
five Accommodation: the company can provide accommodation for four people
six Development space: the company has good skills training, promotion mechanism and humanized management; the company will promote the employees with excellent performance; or they can be transferred to other interested positions after application;
seven We promise that more benefits will be gradually improved with the development of the company.

Tel: 0755-33897988 address: Building B, No.5, Zhenxing Road, liyuhe Industrial Zone, Loucun, Gongming street, Guangming New District, yb体育

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